Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0 RC-03 For Galaxy GIO

How to Install

– Download & flash from recovery or cwm recovery
– Reboot to cwm recovery again
– Download & flash from cwm recovery
– Reboot your phone
– Its not recomennded to use live walpaper, u should use static walpaper. since live walpaper will make your device hot & drain more battery
– Since this version is not include gapps & a2sd, u should read gapps & s2e section!
– for alternative a2sd, u also can use link2sd or mad2sd

How Install google apps (gapps):

– Download it from here:
– Download latest version for cyanogenMod 7
– Flash it from cwm recovery

How to Install & Enable Simple2Ext (S2E)

– install it from market. be sure u’ve install gapps before!
– open s2e, and press menu and choose setting
– checklist the advance mode, extended partitions info, mount as ext4
– u also can set read buffer. i’m using 3Mb
– press back, and press menu -> reboot
– if your phone not automatic reboot, u should reboot it manually
– after reboot, open s2e again. u can check whatever u want
– i’m check it all, except Application data (Application data = a2sd extream datasd)
– reboot again
– u need to modified 02gio. see this post

have problem cant checklist application, dalvik-cache, private-apps application-data on s2e after checked mount as ext4 and reboot?
you must format your second partition using computer as ext4
u can use gparted (linux) or minitool partition wizard (windows)

How Enable a2sd

– goto terminal emulator
– write:
a2sd zipalign
a2sd cachesdreset


if u want use a2sd extream (move data to sd-ext):
a2sd datasd

Download Link: Download here
cyanogenMod 7.1 RC 3.0 Download Here

thanks for Andika Edo Prabowo A.K.A phiexz

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